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Clima Firenze
Firenze has a sub-tropical climate and weather there is enjoyable throughout most of the year.
There are four distinguishable seasons. Summer season has very high temperatures but fortunately
at night it cools down.
Florence is the capital city of Tuscany Region and of province of Florence.

June to September, it's hot and humid and the average high temp is about 32ºC while the low ranges from 16 to 17ºC.
July is the hottest month of the year, with an average high temp of 34ºC. Even though rain-fall duing this season
remains on low levels, sudden showers and thunderstorms are present in the area. During the season Florence enjoys
more than 10 hours of sunshine per day.

Temperatures start to decrease in autumn, the average temperatures are about 15-20ºC during the season. November
remains the wettest month of the entire season, when the city of Florence receives abour 120mm of precipitation.
Durin this time, Florence receives about 5 hours of sunshine a day.

Winter season, December to February.
Temperatures fall all of a sudden and the average drops at 10ºC or lower. The coldest month of the season and the
entire year is January. With an average temperature of 1ºC. The skies remain cloudy and the city gets only about
3 hours of sunshine per day, that is true for all winter season.

In this period of time, Florence enjoys a good weather as the flora starts to bloom and green returns everywhere.
The temperatures start rising gradually and reach about 15°C in March, 18°C in April and around mid 20's in May.
In this period, especially April to May is considered the best time of the year to visit Firenze.

Climate Firenze
Florence (Italian: Firenze), is city in the central part of Italy, it is the capital of
Province of Florence and Region of Tuscany. Florence is located about 230 km northwest of
the capital, Rome. It is surrounded by rollong hills with villas and many farms, vineywards.
The city was created as a colony of the Roman Army about 1st century bc. During this long time
of existence the city has been a republic once and the capital (1865 to 1870) of Italy.
During 14th to 14th centuries, city of Florence achieved a dominant position in commerce,
finance and culture/arts.

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